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WordPress new editor is fantastic and already millions of people using it every day for publishing, designing websites, create readable content for users, customers and for the internet.

The New WordPress Editor has basic blocks which are very useful to create great contents, but for complex layout building for landing pages and inner pages, it fails. I was searching for a good Gutenberg addon which will be very lightweight and will have enhanced blocks to build complex layouts and elements for WordPress. Bottom line, If we have an addon to replicate Elementor Page builder elements, then it would be fantastic.

The good news is, We finally get a free Gutenberg addon which almost has all the blocks that Elementor Page builder offers. It’s “Enhanced Blocks” for Gutenberg editor. Let’s explore the power of Enhanced Blocks.

Download Enhanced Blocks from wp.org

1. Row Layout

Row Layout offered by “Enhanced Blocks” is fantastic. You can actually create any type of layout using this block. The block has the following customizations and options

  • Single Row
  • Two Column Layout (Equal Width)
  • Right Heavy ( 66/33 )
  • Right Heavy (33 / 66)
  • Three Column
  • 3 Columns (50/25/25)
  • 3 Columns (25/25/50)
  • 3 Columns (25/50/25)
  • Wide Center (20/60/20)
  • Wider Center (15/70/15)
  • 4 Columns
  • 6 Columns
  • and Many with these combinations
Layout Selection

2. Row Settings

Enhanced Blocks introduced lots of Row Settings. You can actually do all the advanced things with it. Currently it has the following settings:

  • Layout
    • Width Settings for Each Device Width Type
    • Css Id, Classes and Z-index
  • Background Setting
    • Background Color
    • Gradient Generator
    • Background Image
    • Options to Set these for hover state
  • Background Overlay for Image Backgrounds
  • Border Settings
  • Padding Settings
  • Margin Settings

Each Settings can be customize by device specific like Desktop / Tablet / Mobile.

Testimonial Block

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